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Protect and Restore Damaged Teeth

Dental Crowns Toledo

Dental crowns are dental restorations placed on top of a tooth treated for decay or damage, restoring structural integrity and appearance. Custom-made to look like natural teeth, dental crowns from Toledo dentist Dr. George Namay are nearly indistinguishable from healthy teeth.

Dr. Namay uses contemporary technology and quality dental materials to provide patients with stunning dental restorations that function as nature intended, with comfort and precision.

Whether you have endured a cavity, or your tooth has incurred structural damage, Dr. Namay is ready to restore the beauty and integrity of your smile. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Place a Crown?

Dr. Namay applies dental crowns to:

  • Restore and protect a tooth
  • Hold together a cracked tooth
  • Improve the appearance of front teeth
  • Repair a chipped or severely worn-down tooth
  • Strengthen a weak tooth
  • Top a dental implant
  • Complete a root canal procedure
  • Secure a dental bridge

The Procedure

When Dr. Namay places a crown, he will first numb the tooth and the surrounding gum tissue. He will then delicately trim and shape the natural tooth structure to make room for the crown, and to provide a firm foundation for the restoration. After preparation, he will create a digital impression of your tooth. This digital impression is then transmitted to a dental lab or CEREC® machine to produce a dental crown that fits naturally within your smile and closely matches the appearance of your other teeth. After securing your crown, the doctor will check the fit of the crown and make any necessary adjustments.

Advanced Technology for Excellent Results

Dr. Namay employs CEREC technology in the fabrication of dental crowns. The CEREC imaging system uses ultrasound waves to gather information about the shape of your tooth and the structure of your smile. This data goes into a chairside computer, which produces a three-dimensional model. Working with this model, Dr. Namay will mill a lifelike porcelain crown and place it in the same appointment. In the past, receiving a crown was a three-week process. Thanks to CEREC technology, you can leave our office with a beautiful, balanced new smile.

Dr. Namay uses esthetic e.max® porcelain when fabricating crowns. This material is specifically created for dentistry, and like the natural enamel on your teeth, e.max® porcelain allows light to reflect beautifully, for a natural appearance. However, some patients do not want all-porcelain crowns. For metal, porcelain fused to metal, or zirconia crowns, Dr. Namay works with a trusted local lab.

Contact Dr. Namay

If you or someone in your family is suffering with a damaged tooth, address the issue as soon as possible. Delaying treatment may make the problem worse, or cause even more serious dental health issues. Call Dr. Namay today to schedule your appointment. With his use of cutting-edge technology and quality dental materials, the outstanding results he provides will put a smile on your face. We treat patients in the greater Toledo area, including Sylvania.

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